“Pink Slime”?! Jamie Oliver and ABC News Get a Clue and The Truth!

Well, once again the public has a new bandwagon to jump aboard. 

'Pink Slime', as a former USDA inspector dubbed it, is not the horrific deadly spectre of ground beef that some would have you believe. While there is a process to making this fine lean beef trimmings, it is nothing more than 93% lean ground beef. So, in actuality it is pretty damn good for you! 

OK, so here it goes.

After trimming all the cuts from a side of beef, the carcass is hit with a pressure washer and all the trimmings that remain are collected along with the fat. They are then rendered down and placed in a centrifuge where the meat is separated from the fat. It is then ground and passed through ammonium hydroxide (a mixture of water and a small amount of ammonia) only to kill all present pathogens (e.coli, salmonella, etc…). Then, it is mixed with remaining trimmings used to make ground beef. Although it sounds slightly clinical, it is completely safe and actually helpful in controlling the problems attributed to unsafe cooking processes at home. Also, the amount of ammonium hydroxide used is less of a concentration than that found in instant pudding and some baked goods, and is carefully inspected and monitered by the FDA and the USDA. 

Oh, and got some news for everyone out there, this is not new!

This has been done for the last twenty years, so if you are reading this chances are you have eaten ground beef containing fine lean beef trimmings and are still here!! 

So, yes, ABC, this is some great TV and we all know that 90% of all news is meant for nothing but shock value; however, you have gone too far with this. Jamie Oliver, you might need to sell some cookbooks and probably have some sort of food products coming out, but just keep your mouth shut and if you don't like it then there is a plane waiting to take you back home! However, when you mess with my career and livelihood with lies and deception, you mess with my family, and I will not stand for that! 

Everyone, keep eating your burgers and do not worry about how one person has taken a creative license on the truth. You want to do something positive for people, Jamie Oliver, find a way to make organics and free range products affordable to the general public. Until then, just Shut the Fuck UP!

15 thoughts on ““Pink Slime”?! Jamie Oliver and ABC News Get a Clue and The Truth!

  1. I am very torn about this issue.  I read an article from a mother whose son had died of food an illness that could have been avoided had ammonia been used n the meat.  On the other hand,  am more inclined towards the effort and extra expense of organic foods to avoid the chemicals in meat products.  Why is feeding one's family so gosh darn hard these days?  

  2. Don't recall anyone mentioning that it has been that way for 20 years. I guess they wanted everyone to think it was something some crazy greedy dude thought up last month and was trying to kill us all.
    These are the same folks that said eggs were bad and are now saying eggs are good right? And that coffee was bad for you and you need to stop drinking it yesterday…and are now saying it is good for you and you need to drink MORE of it….and and and…yea.

  3. Wow, this pink slime is all over the news lately! I actually don’t eat much ground beef so to be honest, I’m not really familiar with the slime or the issue

  4. Well said!  Seriously, the extent the which the media and tv goes to overhype something is just getting ridiculous! What bothers me more though is that too many people look to them to get the 'truth' on the happenings in the world and dont think to research these issues themselves to get a better understanding. The bottom line is that food is food, obviously if it is on the market and available to consumers then it's edible! I stopped paying attention to those 'food warnings' on the news when they told us Vegemite could cause Cancer. I'm going to die from eating Vegemite, then I'll die a happy!

  5. Just because it has been going on for the past 20 years doesn't mean the public doesn't have a right to know and make an informed decision about the food products they purchase.  I agree the media sensationalizes things at times but regardless, as a person who grows my own foods as much as I can and buys organic as much as my budget will allow, I'm glad that I now know.

    • I agree organic is the way to go, being a chef and one who worked for whole foods, I know the benefits of organics. However, being a day to day working stiff living paycheck to paycheck I will have to succumb to a few preservatives for now to afford to feed my family. And just since the recent pink slime phenomenon they have shut down three or four processing plants. What about them and there families not having any money at all!

  6. I was really wondering if the hype was right-I have been hearing more news like this that everything has been over blown-thanks for sharing!

  7. Seriously now there is more ammonia in a sports drink than LFTB! The media campaign is clearly steered from one direction and it is not food safety! Dude, It is Beef! Get the facts. 

  8. Thank you for your insight. This was a very well-informed article not citing what news has told you about the product. It is good to see some Americans do their homework first.

  9. My family really tries to stick with grass fed beef.  It's one of those areas that we have chosen to spend a little extra to get the benefits.  For me the "pink slime" issue comes down to the fact that I don't want to be eating foods that contain ammonia or other chemicals.  I can see how it has probably been blown bigger than it should be.  At the same time, it might be time that some people start looking at what is in their foods. 
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  10. I'm in Canada so apparently we don't use that process here BUT having working in a pork processing plant for three years, I think if anyone worked there and saw what I saw for a week, they'd not eat meat for a bit….. Its not that we mistreat the animals, its just sometimes SEEING the processing of our meat, it does effect what you want to eat after a while (but I still eat pork LOL, its just after seeing it day in and day out, you do get turned off of the stuff)

  11. Good to know that it is really media hype. I fear they do that more than the should for shock value. I like my meat and don't think I could just eat veggies! 

  12. I have a "beef" with pink slime. I know what it is and have known about it for a few years now. My issue is this: If you are going to your local butcher and ordering and paying for 2# of ground chuck that is exactly what you should be getting. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are ordering hamburger patties from GFS or Sysco or some other brand they should be obligated to say what is in the beef. I just think we should be informed. The reality is someone has been charging good money for ground beef with pink slime vs. ground 80/20, making a buck off the american average guy on some misleading info.

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