July 23rd! Celebrate National Hot Dog Day!

Celebrate National Hot Dog Day July 23

Today is National Hot Dog Day! It is the day that we celebrate one of America’s true culinary classics! Steeped in tradition from ballparks to backyard cookouts, the hot dog truly is one of our country’s iconic foods.

When I think of eating hot dogs, memories of my childhood take me back to the old Tiger Stadium and going to opening day with my father. I would impatiently wait for the vendor to come around with the hot dog cart, I like the steamed version better than getting the grilled one at the concession stands. The warm soft bun enveloping the magnificently tasting ballpark frank topped with mustard was always a symbol that the baseball season has begun! And yes, mustard not ketchup, belongs on hot dogs!

National Coney Island Hot Dogs

My other memories of delicious franks takes me to another Detroit tradition, the Coney Island Hot Dog. Even though it is named after a New York landmark, do not be mistaken it was created in Detroit at a landmark establishment named American Coney Island, founded in 1917 and still going strong. What is Coney Island Hot Dog? It is a hot dog, lightly grilled, served on a steamed bun and topped with a special chili sauce, onions and mustard. Probably, the greatest tasting wiener ever created. And for those of us living in other states now that miss the awesome taste of home, we can order it online through americanconeyisland.com and nationalconeyisland.com. I have done this, and it is worth the money to have coneys at your house in two days!

Now, I know that several cities have their own signature hot dog and all are delicious. That is the beauty of the hot dog. It is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed only by a person’s imagination and creativity. It would seem that the varieties are endless if you just let yourself go crazy when it comes to toppings. So, bite into a hot dog of your choice today and enjoy being taken back to a simpler time of your life! I for one am going to my local Sonic today where they are offering certain hot dog creations for one dollar in celebration of an American classic!

What is your favorite way to eat a hot dog?

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