A Tribute to Martha Stewart America’s Beloved Hypocrite

Yes, I am jumping on this bandwagon a little late, but I cannot sit back any longer and keep my feelings in any longer.  Martha Stewart I am here tell you that I am one of the many bloggers whom you offended with your recent comments.  

Claiming that bloggers are not professionals and basically just plagiarise their ideas and put untested recipes on their blogs is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black! Don’t you think?  I mean you have created an entire empire of stealing and exploiting other people’s recipes and craft ideas.  Just look at your own show, when is the last time you even appeared without having a chef there next to you doing the recipes you are so proud to display?  And, you may be creative, but there is no way you have cornered the market on all ways to utilize a pine cone in a craft project!  I will always remember the day in the 90’s where you showed the world a new way to make a turkey, deep-fried?  Nevermind the fact that the beautiful people of Cajun Country have been doing it for generations!

There are a lot of us bloggers who have gone to college, worked as chefs, and have artistic talents and integrity just like you claim to have.  Giving each and every one of us just as many qualifications as you did when you started out.  I think the biggest problem is that you are upset that your loyal followers are no longer just that, but have become your competition in your single-handedly created venue of “lifestyle” media and trends.  Lest we not forget that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  I don’t understand why you have so much hatred in your heart.  Perhaps it is greed, envy or just plain being a bitch, but seriously, get over yourself.  You are not the be all and end all of all things fashion, crafts and food!  Perhaps setting an example or being a mentor would be a more appropriate way to go.  

Finally, you owe the blogging world a huge apology for your recent comments.  I cannot fathom how one year you are giving a speech at a blogging convention and the next you are belittling and degrading all of them who once looked to you as the example and trendsetter.  If you ask me, you have always been a hack and the only trend you started recently was being the only billionaire who could not buy their way out of prison!!!  Have a nice day and may you some day find God in your heart and realize the errors of your ways.

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