My Dream Dinner Party Guest List

So, here I am thinking about who I would invite to the ultimate dinner party past or present.  This list is so hard to narrow down because the possibilities are endless, however, I want to keep it somewhat manageable in order to visit with all my guests.

  1. Phil Robertson– If you ever just sit back and listen to what the man actually is saying during his speeches or on the show, his wisdom is beyond comprehension.  His love for the Lord and all of humanity is unconditional and he truly is a man whom I believe can help resurrect this decaying society in which we live today!

  2. Ronald Reagan– The greatest President of the last half century!  After our beloved peanut farmer of a President brought this country to its knees and to long lines at the gas stations, he stepped in with the old school American belief system.  Love and obey the Lord.  Love and obey your country.  Love yourself and have pride in yourself to get up, go to work and be self-reliant.  Too many people these days always like to place blame on others or rely on others to carry the load for them.  Nobody owes anyone anything. We all owe it to the Lord to live by His word, obey His commandments and do for ourselves!  That is the true American way and the way President Reagan ran this country for eight years and brought us back from the brink of further financial and moral disaster!  Uh oh, sounds like we might need to learn from his example.  Remember those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

  3. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.– The most influential civil rights leader of his time or any other would definitely be invited.  His perseverance and strength to stand up for what he believed in is a highly admirable attribute.  His lack of fear when staring in the eye of hatred is to be highly respected.  And yet what I find to be the most amazing ideal of Dr. King is his ability to still love and forgive.  No matter how backed into a corner he was he resisted the temptation to fight violence with violence.  No matter how many times he witnessed injustice and mistreatment his love for his fellow man never waned.  Another truly remarkable man whom I can only hope to try to emulate.  Extremely sad that he was taken from us. Who knows how much more good he could have done for all humanity.

  4. Abraham Lincoln – Gotta respect a man who goes against the majority to stand up for what is right.  Fighting for freedom is what this country was founded on and for the first time someone actually stood up for the statement ‘all men are created equal’. In the end, it cost him his life, but he died for his cause. In my opinion, probably the greatest President of all time!

  5. Gordon Ramsay  I have mad respect for this man and his passion for food and for helping others succeed.  Besides, someone has to critique the food!

  6. Jackie Kennedy – The stoic longtime matriarch of one of the most influential and controversial families in American history. I have to admire a woman who can show so much grace during times of crisis as she did through all the tragic events that have fallen upon this family.

  7. Marilyn Monroe  No party would be complete without the ultra-famous actress of 30 movies during her short-lived life. Her rumored affair with JFK would make for interesting conversation with Jackie.  And besides, a little eye candy never hurt!

  8. Jesus – The only son of the Lord, our God, who was sacrificed for all of our sins, would be at the top of my list.  I think at this point in time in our country and our world we could use a whole lot of Jesus in our lives.  His wisdom, compassion and unconditional love is just what this country needs.  Along with the discipline of learning to follow His examples of how to act.  His omnipotence is always welcome at my parties, in a hope that His influence and grace may fall upon some guests and perhaps change their lives as mine has been changed.  Thank you, Lord, for sacrificing your only son so that we may continue to live to serve you!!
And with that I will end my list, for no one can and will ever follow after Jesus.  Not sure what I would serve, but that is for another post.  Oh, maybe, I would send a half-hearted invite to Barack Obama.  Perhaps, all these great people can rub off on him!

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

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