Ad: Hearty Breakfast With A Twist #TheWrightBreakfast #cbias

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#ad Breakfast Pizza with flourless crust #TheWrightBreakfast #cbias

Here we are on a Saturday morning and my five year old boy is STARVING!!! I don’t want to just give him some quick breakfast treat.  It is the weekend and he deserves a nice hot meal cooked by his daddy.  If you have ever tried cooking for little ones, then you know that it can truly be a challenge. He seems to get bored of the same old things easily. So, I had to dip into my bag of tricks.  

Suddenly, it occurred to me that my boy loves pizza, so why not make a breakfast pizza. This could be a little challenging considering the wife and I are on a low carb diet.  However, I know of a recipe to make pizza dough using cauliflower and cream cheese which comes out to less than 1 gram of carbs per serving.  

#ad ingredients for breakfast pizza #TheWrightBreakfast #cbias

Now, what am I going to put on it?  Eggs of course, but it needs something else. I needed a high quality breakfast sausage to add a little zing. 

#ad Wright Brand sausage at Sam's Club #TheWrightBreakfast #cbias

So, I reached into the fridge to get my Wright Brand breakfast sausage I had bought at Sam’s Club and realized it was the perfect topping for this pizza.  Of course, every pizza needs a sauce, so I can utilize some of the sausage to make my own sausage gravy, thickened with cornstarch to keep carbs low.  

#ad Flourless Crust #TheWrightBreakfast #cbias

First, I popped some sausage in the oven to cook, because you never want to top a pizza with raw meat products.  While that was cooking, I ground up the remaining sausage with an onion and made my gravy.  As that simmered I scrambled up some eggs and got them ready.  It is all coming together now!!!  The smell of a high quality sausage like Wright Brand is intoxicating and tantalizing in the morning when you are hungry.  

#ad Breakfast Pizza with flourless crust #TheWrightBreakfast #cbias

Finally, the sausage is cooked, gravy is done, and it is time to build a pizza.  Using a pizza pan or a baking pan like I used, place the crust of your choice in the bottom and spread the gravy evenly across the pizza crust.  Next, top with eggs and cheese.  

#ad Breakfast Pizza with flour-less crust #TheWrightBreakfast #cbias

Finally, slice your sausage links and place on top of cheese.  Bake in oven at 400 degrees for about fifteen to twenty minutes.  I should mention, it makes the pizza cook a little better if you precook your crust for ten minutes before building.  Remove from the oven, slice and enjoy.  My boy gobbled it up in no time, and by using a cauliflower crust, I got him to eat his veggies!!!

Don’t forget to check out Wright Brand breakfast sausage demos at your local Sam’s on February 6 and 7. And get social by following on Wright Brand on Facebook and Twitter @WrightBacon

Breakfast Pizza


  • twelve piece Wright Brand Sausage (cooked and sliced)
  • two cup sausage gravy
  • two cup shredded cheese
  • one piece premade pizza crust
  • 8 Large eggs (cooked anad scrambled)


Step 1
precook pizza dough
Step 2
spread gravy on crust, top with eggs, cheese and sliced sausage
Step 3
Bake in oven at 400 degrees for fifteen to twenty minutes

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