Hot Rods in Palestine, Texas? More Like a Hot er… Cold Mess!



Hot Rods in Palestine Texas 

So, off from work today, my wife asked if I would join her from lunch.  Of course, I said yes.  We decided to try out a new burger joint here in town called Hot Rods.  I had heard mixed reviews about the place, but had to try it for myself.  Afterall, it is a burger and I love burgers.  

We walked in and at first glance it appeared to me like they had a concept for a fifties style car themed type restaurant and got about half way and ran out of ideas.  Not sure about the need for the TV showing Lovebug movies.  Or for that matter, the oil drum sink and mechanic soap in the bathrooms.  Quite corny if you ask me..  

Now, about the food.  You walk up and place your order, there is a sign right there explaining how their fries are hand cut and fried to order along with their onion rings, so please allow 10 to 15 minutes extra for these items.  Not a big deal, I can wait for some fresh hand cut fries.  I placed our order,, a cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, fries, onion rings and two drinks, 22.78!!!!!!  Outrageous for a lunch for two if you ask me. I did not order the steak tartare thank you!  Anyway, we got our drinks, and sat down to wait for our food.  Well, only about two minutes elapsed and we had our food.  Hmmmmmm…thought we had fifteen minutes for fries and onion rings.  Now, back up to go over to the condiment bar for tomatoes, pickles, onions, jalapenos and rust colored lettuce.  I don’t know about any of you guys, but I don’t like to have to get up so many times to eat my lunch.  Finally, sitting down to indulge in my lunch I have to say I was sadly disappointed.  Burger ice cold and had the texture of 73/27 ground beef, now don’t know that for a fact, but 22.78 for lunch I should not even be questioning quality of beef.  Onion rings, tasty but luke warm at best.  Fries, limp, soggy and cold.  Wow, I really would not have minded waiting for some fresh cooked food, guys.  

I cannot see myself going back and spending that kind of money there again, when I have the likes of the Burger Bar and Chip’s here in town where I know I can get quality burgers for less money!!!  

Sadly, I must give Hot Rods a thumbs down.  I truly hope they can straighten some things out and turn it around.  Maybe, I will give it another try in the far far future.  


21 thoughts on “Hot Rods in Palestine, Texas? More Like a Hot er… Cold Mess!

  1. Hello Mr. Food Nut,
    We are truly sorry that you believed your burger and fries that you received from our restaurant was cold. We have been blessed with over 200 returning customers per day that have enjoyed a hot burger, hot crispy onion rings and hot handcut fries. They haven’t been served rusty lettuce and they comment on how cool the oil drum and soap is in the bathroom. As for the “lovebug” movie…it is just one of our retro movies with cars as a focus that is a clean movie to watch. The Lord has blessed our restaurant the past three months and we are thankful. And we completely agree that Chips is good, actually we’re related to david and patty and they are true Christian friends. If your burger was not as hot as you like…we would have been happy to replace it. As for the veggie bar, we try to keep a full stock of the freshest vegetables we can find and they are filled several times a day. We haven’t had anyone complain…they are all pleased at placing their own toppings on….we do not limit toppings either. Our cost? We fresh grind our 100% black angus 85/15 meat each day, grill them over Kingsford charcoal and hickory and our bun is fresh baked each day and served with your all-you-desire condiments and vegetables. The Lord knows we try to price our food fairly.
    We consider it easy to criticize what others do but God’s Word says in Isaiah 54:17 “…and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement thou shalt condemn.” Your website says you love the Lord. The Lord says if you love Me you’ll have love for one another. If you choose to visit our restaurant again we would be happy to serve you a hot burger and rings on us. God bless! Steve & Cristy Bachman

  2. Your opinion. If…if…you serve the Lord Jesus Christ as you say. You would know better than to talk against What other brothers and sisters in Christ are doing UNLESS its unbiblical. You wouldn’t like my opinion either. That’s why as saved children of Jesus Christ we SERVE one another out of love and mercy. None of us are perfect for we have ALL sinned and come short of the glory of God. We at the resturant Jesus Christ has given us strive to do just that. ..serve. not to get rich. Money comes And goes. We are called to serve. Jesus Christ is the example we to follow. We can’t serve all so yes there are many good places to go eat. Chips is one of them they are family to us my mothers cousin. Little Mexico is good Brandon and Mr. Richard do a great job! I have lived here all my life so I’ve ate every where rednecks go to eat. We don’t claim to be the best. We just try very hard to serve Jesus Christ. THAT is what we are ALL about. I am the pastor of Grace Baptist church I invite you and your family to come to church and study God’s Word with us. Or come by the shop and just talk you don’t have to eat just talk. In Christ Justin Bachman.

  3. Matthew 18 Jesus Christ told us if we have a problem with another person to go to them first. I have never heard from you?If I had a problem with you or something you did I would come to you first to see if there was away we as chil of Jesus Christ could work it out. Not run you down for something that is my opinion:)

  4. Obviously these owners haven’t owned, operated or even worked in the service industry before, or else they should know that a professional apology for a negative experience and an attempt to make it right for the customer is THE ONLY WAY to reply to this type of feed back. PERIOD. Explanations, condemnation, accusations and just out right excuses not only look pitiful but reflect negatively on your business and your ‘Christianity’.

  5. Why are all the responses about Jesus? I love Jesus too! I unfortunately agree with Howard on the quality of the food. My son literally pulled chunks of what looked to be filler out of his burger and asked what it was. My response.. “Don’t eat that. We can go somewhere else..” Yay Jesus! Boo hot rod cafe.

  6. I agree with the Original poster completely, I had a very similar experience at Hot Rods, the burgers were bland and unseasoned, the fries were soggy, the onion rings were awful, the buns however were delightful, i found the veggie bar was actually good during my visit though. the decor was interesting, I would not consider going back to this establishment, the cost was not a factor in my decision, I don’t mind paying for quality, but we did not get that when my family and I visited Hot Rods.

  7. I’m pretty sure this is a food blog about food, the eating of food, and reviewing the food that has been eaten. If you run a restaurant, you oughta be prepared for public scrutiny and honest criticism. Just…uh…just sayin’. Tone down the defense, up your game, and invite him back for lunch on the house.

  8. How very prideful the two of you are. Also calling someone’s Christianity into question because they have a differing opinion seem a bit judgmental to you? Still, I’m glad that you can read Matthew with that log in your eye. All are short of the grace of God, especially the ones that wave that banner the highest.

  9. Howard i had a similar experience when I ate there in February.

    I wanted onion rings so I spent the extra three and a half to 4 dollars getting them. My girlfriend’s french fries were burnt but also cold. I understand this could be an isolated deal. A lot of people reported the same experiences. I posted a review on Hot Rods Facebook page. It wasn’t too long and it was teeming with people who were unsatisfied with the food they payed good money for. Then after a while the reviews were gone.

    Justin Bachman said something about this establishment is just there to serve.

    If you really want to serve people, open up a soup kitchen. You don’t need to have a restaurant and outfit it with all the decorations and charge the kind of money that Hot Rods charges, to serve people. If my memory serves me correctly Jesus was not a rich carpenter.

    From all accounts, it seems Hot Rods is serving for profit. Also, using the bible to tell their opinion (that many many people share) about your food and service is wrong, is outright absurd.

    A restaurant is about food. Religion and the rest is for church.

  10. Everything is about Jesus Christ. We did apologize.
    At the first of the year we just opened. Walt Disney didn’t have everything worked out in first year either. The Wright brothers, Henry Ford, Dave Thomas, etc. We are there to serve. We are called to serve in EVERYTHING we do we do as unto the Lord. Jesus Christ always comes first. His Grace is sufficient for whatever He leads us through. We have learned a lot in the last 10 months. I wouldn’t take nothing for that. But..above all I want yall to know not me for I am a carnal sinful man. I want you to know Jesus Christ. God in the flesh Emmanuel Jesus Christ came and shed His blood on the cross of calvary died and arose from the dead to give us life defeating death hell and the grave! He now commands men everywhere to Repent. Call upon Jesus Christ to save you! We are sinners children of wrath by nature. Jesus Christ came to give us life. Jesus Christ is the only way to escape Gods wrath and judgement. He is the door. He alone. And is very soon coming back. We will ALL stand before Him. Will you stand before Him guilty dead in your sins? Or alive just and Holy by the blood of Jesus Christ? Repent ask Jesus Christ to save you.

  11. It is sadly obvious that this family owned restaurant is under fire by those that wish to “leave Jesus at church” and they are doing what we all as Christians should and that is taking Jesus with us everywhere we go. I have personally ate at Hot Rod’s dozens of times and it is one of our family’s favorites! We have NEVER been served anything other than a perfect, juicy burger and crispy fresh fries and rings. The $20.43 that we pay for 2 (1/2 lb) burgers and 2 large fries and 2 free refill drinks are well worth the price. I believe it is a matter of a Christian Family trying to serve people that want to keep Jesus “in His place”. If you haven’t tried Hot Rods – then see for yourself.

  12. And we did offer a free meal on us. At the first of the year it was very hard and very chaotic:) we have learned a lot. Jesus Christ grows us in every area of our lives. But through it all He has blessed us with everything we have need of. Jesus Christ is so Gracious. Regardless The work is to great and we will not come down. Nehemiah chapter 6. Awesome study in God’s Word.

  13. And as I stated in Matthew 18. If any of you had a problem. The ONLY way to handle it was to come to us personally. Not after 6 months write an opinion on a computer. If you had cold anything. …if….we would have been happy to fix it. Over joyed to fix it. That’s why its much better to handle things Biblically and not on this stupid computer. We love serving people. We love cooking. We above all Love Jesus Christ. If you have a problem COME to us. We are there to serve. Doesn’t get any easier than that. In Christ Justin Bachman

    • Part of owning a restaurant is opening yourself to both criticisms and compliments. I can only report on what I experienced there. And who are you to judge my faith in Jesus, I appreciate that you walk in the path of Christ. However, one has nothing to do with the other. I merely write on my website as information for the consumer and for the owners whom can use my observations as a way to improve upon things. I have twenty plus years in the business running kitchens and restaurants, so I think I have some credibility on my side. Again, you seem to be using your faith to hide behind the undeniable and obvious mistakes that obviously are not only my opinions given some comments on my post. If you don’t like my post than stop reading it, but I will not take it down no matter how much religious intimidation you throw my way! I do wish your restaurant much success, it always pains me to see places go out of business and would not wish that on you or anyone! It is just sad that you cannot accept a little criticism without constantly harrassing me. Good luck and much success to you!

  14. Haaa.
    I think its funny. I don’t own a Resturant. I seen your posts criticizing local Resturant owners and businesses and wanted to give you a hard time with a little (criticism) to 🙂 I don’t know how to cook toast much less run a Resturant:) my wife does all the cooking:)

  15. I’ve been in the housing industry for over 30 years. I’ve seen and heard people complain all the time. Just the way people are. I think the (real) people on the other comments were funny to! Not even knowing who they were talking about or that you or I even know their real or not. Same way politicians are hard to find the truth out of them. 🙂 have a great day!

    • Guess you are just the type who would put your church’s sign right by another church in a pathetic attempt to coerce people to your church of similar name. And yes, I know
      you are only the owners’s son of hot rods.

      • I don’t care if you go to church. I don’t:)
        You can be anybody online. 🙂 I think its funny! Have a great day!

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