Farris’ Texas Wraps & Wings Is Ready To Soar!

Hey Palestine, TX in case you have not heard we have a great new restaurant in town, and it is called Farris’ Texas Wraps & Wings.  Owner, Richard Farris Jr.  who also owns Old Magnolia Mercantile, is the proud papa of this brainchild.  I was so excited to hear that we were finally going to have a wings place here in town, I am a true wingnut.  And when I ate here I was not disappointed.    Located at 223 W. Crawford St.  right next to the theater it is very easy to find.  And his sign is easily recognizable and done in the same traditional font his predecessors of Farris’ Mercantile used, you just cannot miss it. 

My wife and I went there on a Saturday around 5:30 trying to beat the dinner rush.  When we walked in we were instantly greeted by the staff.  Friendly and smiling, they realized it was our first time here, they took the time to explain how the wraps work, where to order, all about the wings and the most important thing was they did it without being annoyed by newcomers. I am sure that they have had to do that a whole bunch of times.

decor at Farris' Texas Wraps and Wings

The decor is that of a warm rustic Texas feel.  The tables are old wooden cable spools surrounded by comfortable high top stools and I absolutely love all the old vintage signs on the walls and the ceilings.  There are two sections to the restaurant, there is pretty much a straight forward restaurant side and then there is the bar side with a huge television screen for catching your favorite games.  I think tonight I will sit on the bar side so I can watch my Detroit Tigers hosting and defeating the Texas Rangers!  Sorry, but you can take the man out of Detroit, well you know the rest.  The best part is that you  can sit on the restaurant side with your family or business partners and not feel intruded upon by the goings ons of the bar side.

Texan wrap from Farris' Texas Wraps and Wings

Now to the food.  We will start with the wraps, they come in three sizes, regular, Texan and Big Texan.  My wife ordered a Texan with chicken, guacamole, queso amongst a few other items of the multitudes of choices they have on the toppings bar.  It was big, delicious and very satisfying.  The best part was when the owner Richard Farris Jr. came out to tell my wife how to eat the wrap.  He says the best way is to hold it from one end and tear away the foil from the top on down as you eat it.  This was something I never thought of, this way it made the wrap contained, less messy and hot all the way through.

They have a selection of sides from chips and queso, to fresh hand cut double fried french fries.  The most crucial and important thing I must stress is that everything served at Farris’ is made fresh and from scratch.  I ordered a bowl of coleslaw and cheese fries from the sides menu.  The coleslaw was just how I love it, crunchy with a sweet yet tangy dressing.  You can always tell a good fresh coleslaw by the crunch of the cabbage.   The fries were super crispy, even after being topped with the most amazing queso I have had in a long time.  

wings at Farris' Texas Wraps and Wings

Now, to the most important part the wings!!!  I had trouble deciding from which sauces I wanted, they had so many to choose from.  All the way from traditional Buffalo to Sweet Chile Garlic.  I settled on eight bourbon wings and eight sweet and spicy plum.  OMG!!!  The sweet and spicy plum were out of this world delicious!  And the bourbon came in at a close second.  The wings were hot, crispy and smothered in sauce.  Accompanied by your choice of ranch or bleu cheese to dip in and traditional celery for garnish.  The price point of the food was very reasonable, if you were to drive to Tyler and go to BW’s you would spend more on gas and about four dollars more for the same amount of wings.

I absolutely love this place and like I told Richard, I could eat here six days a week!  Only because I eat at my in-laws on the seventh day.  Thank you Mr. Richard Farris Jr. for bringing a great food and friendly establishment to downtown Palestine.  I look forward to seeing what his brilliant mind can bring to this community next.



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