Healthy School Lunch Planning

It is time to start thinking about how to come up with some interesting and healthy lunches for your kids again!  My boy is starting school this year and I am starting to give some serious thought to what to send with him.

Sandwiches are a definite given when preparing school lunches.  Make sure that you are using a whole grain bread, this allows for slower digestion and will provide your child with stable sugar and energy levels for the afternoon.  Using lean cuts of meat that are not heavily processed are a good choice for sources of protein.  However, you do not need to limit yourself to the conventional sandwich, using a variety of breads such as flatbreads, tortillas, bagels, etc. will give your child the feeling that they are not eating the same thing all the time.  Also, sending them with a hearty soup, stew or chili will provide them with all the nutrients they need and mix things up even more!

Fruits and vegetables are essential in a growing child’s diet, but can also be the most challenging to get them to eat.  Perhaps, getting your child involved in actually making the lunch with you would ease the pain of wondering if they will eat their whole lunch.  Another fun way to get them to eat their fruits and vegetables is to cut them into various shapes and put them on skewers.  Making food fun and easier to eat is a good way to encourage your children.

Now, for drinks, keeping children away from sodas and high sugar drinks is very challenging, I know.  So, perhaps offering some flavored teas and waters is a wonderful way to entice your child.  They offer both the allure of bright colors and wonderful effervescent flavors!

The most important thing to remember is that your child is probably willing to try more than we give them credit for and keeping them involved in the decision making process will make coming up with creative lunch ideas that much easier.

What are some healthy school lunch ideas you make for you kids?