Hot Rods in Palestine, Texas? More Like a Hot er… Cold Mess!



Hot Rods in Palestine Texas 

So, off from work today, my wife asked if I would join her from lunch.  Of course, I said yes.  We decided to try out a new burger joint here in town called Hot Rods.  I had heard mixed reviews about the place, but had to try it for myself.  Afterall, it is a burger and I love burgers.  

We walked in and at first glance it appeared to me like they had a concept for a fifties style car themed type restaurant and got about half way and ran out of ideas.  Not sure about the need for the TV showing Lovebug movies.  Or for that matter, the oil drum sink and mechanic soap in the bathrooms.  Quite corny if you ask me..  

Now, about the food.  You walk up and place your order, there is a sign right there explaining how their fries are hand cut and fried to order along with their onion rings, so please allow 10 to 15 minutes extra for these items.  Not a big deal, I can wait for some fresh hand cut fries.  I placed our order,, a cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, fries, onion rings and two drinks, 22.78!!!!!!  Outrageous for a lunch for two if you ask me. I did not order the steak tartare thank you!  Anyway, we got our drinks, and sat down to wait for our food.  Well, only about two minutes elapsed and we had our food.  Hmmmmmm…thought we had fifteen minutes for fries and onion rings.  Now, back up to go over to the condiment bar for tomatoes, pickles, onions, jalapenos and rust colored lettuce.  I don’t know about any of you guys, but I don’t like to have to get up so many times to eat my lunch.  Finally, sitting down to indulge in my lunch I have to say I was sadly disappointed.  Burger ice cold and had the texture of 73/27 ground beef, now don’t know that for a fact, but 22.78 for lunch I should not even be questioning quality of beef.  Onion rings, tasty but luke warm at best.  Fries, limp, soggy and cold.  Wow, I really would not have minded waiting for some fresh cooked food, guys.  

I cannot see myself going back and spending that kind of money there again, when I have the likes of the Burger Bar and Chip’s here in town where I know I can get quality burgers for less money!!!  

Sadly, I must give Hot Rods a thumbs down.  I truly hope they can straighten some things out and turn it around.  Maybe, I will give it another try in the far far future.  


What has Happened to Our Burger?!

Has anyone else noticed the growing trend of trying to create the most expensive or exotic burger there is?  What has happened to this amazing American classic that simply began as one man’s way of making something quick for on the go.  

Louis Lassen of New Haven, Conn.  is credited for creating the hamburger back in 1900.  A customer came in and wanted a quick hot meal.  Well, Louis was out of steaks, so he took the trimmings, made a patty, grilled it and served it between two slices of toast.  Amazing how something that simple has come this far.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like my burger that simple.  I am a fan of a variety of cheeses, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions, avocado and the usual condiments.  But, this whole thing about putting truffles and gold flakes on them seems a little pretentious to me. I think it is just some snob’s way of feeling less like they are lowering themselves to eating common people’s food.  

Not to say that we should not be creative with our burgers once in a while, but this quest for the most expensive hamburger is just a bit much.  As the owner of the 666 Burger food truck in New York City, Franz Alique, once said, “It consists of a f—ing burger filled and topped with rich people s–t.”  And he made a burger worth $666 once just to prove the point!

Stick to the classics, folks, and you cannot go wrong, and every once in a while take a walk on the wild side.  But, when you go to a restaurant called the Burger Bar, even though it is Las Vegas, I think you should be able to get a burger for less than $60 don’t you!

What are your favorite toppings to put on your burger?