Cooking is Kid’s Play

I love cooking for my wife and son; however, I truly love cooking with my son!

My boy has expressed interest in my life as a chef ever since he could talk, and I have to admit I have mixed feelings about that as a career path for him.

It is not the easiest lifestyle or the easiest on the nerves. I was one of those chefs who succumbed to every evil cliche’ there is about being a chef.  I also had some of my most satisfying and proud moments as a chef. If my son chooses this as a profession, I feel my experiences and poor choices could come in handy while I’m teaching him as he is rising the ladder in the culinary field.

That being said, the boy and I love getting up in the morning, putting on his chef hat and making breakfast for mommy.  He is my big helper, the best egg cracker, and the best pancake batter mixer on the planet!!

And he says his daddy is the best chef in the world!

Together we are the bandits of brunch, haha!!  When breakfast is done, he gets so excited to wake up mommy and bring her the plate of goodies we made in there!

Not only do I find cooking with my son rewarding in a bonding sort of way, it allows me to expose him to foods he might not be privy to elsewhere.

He has sampled so many different vegetables. He absolutely loves mushrooms and broccoli!  And who would have thought that at the age of four he would absolutely fall in love with Scallops.

He truly has a good palate and is willing to try anything once!

I think one of our best experiences together has to be making some simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! We made a cooking show on how to make them for my wife’s blog and it was hilarious!

He truly helps ignite the fire in his daddy from time to time that he once had working as a chef.

All in all, cooking with your child is one of the most bonding and educational experiences you can have!  I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t and to do it more often if you do!

Do you have any fond memories of cooking with your children?