The Pride of Detroit Still Swells in the Texan!

I was going to take the opportunity today to do my first product review, but as I sat here watching Andrew Zimmerman touring Detroit, my mind was changed!

People all over the country think that my beloved city of Detroit is just some downtrodden city on the brink of being wiped off the map. And all I say to them, is you better check your facts before spouting off!

Just watching this show brings back such amazing memories of Panzckis in Hamtramack on Fat Tuesday, the best Delis anywhere in this country. Sorry Mr. Mark Katz, but my great grandmother's deli killed yours in it's hayday! Opened in 1922 in Detroit, The Modern Delicatessen still lives on today! Thanks Great Grams for showing me the way to serve food with love and integrity.

Yet, I have not even touched on the one and the only, often imitated, but never duplicated Detroit Coney Island! As the battle wages for decades and which ever side you are on Lafayette and American Coney Island stand alone as the pinnacle of what a true chili dog should look and taste like!

I miss my town where I spent so many amazing years cooking at some very fine establishments, and I hope to return for a visit to show my wife and son all the great things that Detroit has to offer. From all the new restaurants to the classics, Detroit will never lose it's foothold on who it truly is in the culinary department! A melting pot of food from every corner of the earth perfectly blended in one city on the rise!

One man on the show simply said that more independent businesses are making up the rebirth of Detroit, because noone wants to depend on big business anymore! And, so I say to those just starting with a booth in America's largest farmer's market (Eastern Market), to the newly established restaurants and to those like my friends, Sharon and Mary, who are keeping tradition alive with Diamond Jim Brady's. Stay strong, for the phoenix shall rise from the earth once again!

Thank you all for keeping Detroit's pulse beating. I love you all and I love my City! Peace!