“Pink Slime”?! Jamie Oliver and ABC News Get a Clue and The Truth!

Well, once again the public has a new bandwagon to jump aboard. 

'Pink Slime', as a former USDA inspector dubbed it, is not the horrific deadly spectre of ground beef that some would have you believe. While there is a process to making this fine lean beef trimmings, it is nothing more than 93% lean ground beef. So, in actuality it is pretty damn good for you! 

OK, so here it goes.

After trimming all the cuts from a side of beef, the carcass is hit with a pressure washer and all the trimmings that remain are collected along with the fat. They are then rendered down and placed in a centrifuge where the meat is separated from the fat. It is then ground and passed through ammonium hydroxide (a mixture of water and a small amount of ammonia) only to kill all present pathogens (e.coli, salmonella, etc…). Then, it is mixed with remaining trimmings used to make ground beef. Although it sounds slightly clinical, it is completely safe and actually helpful in controlling the problems attributed to unsafe cooking processes at home. Also, the amount of ammonium hydroxide used is less of a concentration than that found in instant pudding and some baked goods, and is carefully inspected and monitered by the FDA and the USDA. 

Oh, and got some news for everyone out there, this is not new!

This has been done for the last twenty years, so if you are reading this chances are you have eaten ground beef containing fine lean beef trimmings and are still here!! 

So, yes, ABC, this is some great TV and we all know that 90% of all news is meant for nothing but shock value; however, you have gone too far with this. Jamie Oliver, you might need to sell some cookbooks and probably have some sort of food products coming out, but just keep your mouth shut and if you don't like it then there is a plane waiting to take you back home! However, when you mess with my career and livelihood with lies and deception, you mess with my family, and I will not stand for that! 

Everyone, keep eating your burgers and do not worry about how one person has taken a creative license on the truth. You want to do something positive for people, Jamie Oliver, find a way to make organics and free range products affordable to the general public. Until then, just Shut the Fuck UP!